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Finding Nino

A Mishmi man, standing outside the only eating establishment between Roing and Hunli -- locally known as "65" due to its distance from Roing. The man is holding a sword known as a "daw."

Max Bearak and I are on a month-long journey through Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya, documenting cultural ¬†and environmental transformation in the region. Max is a journalist with The New […]

Van Gujjar Tribe of The Himalayas


Van Gujjar, is a wandering tribe of the Himalayas. In the winter season, the Van Gujjars migrate with their herds to the Shiwalik foothills, and in summer, they migrate higher […]

Photographs from Gujarat, India

Some Photographs from my recent visit to Bhuj, Gujarat, India at the time of Janamashtami celebrations.

Colorful Fair
A local fair held every year on the eve of Janamashthmi.