Pictures : Snowfall in the Himalayan town of Shimla – Part II

After sharing the first batch of photographs taken in the beautiful snow-covered city of Shimla, I’m back with more! Snowfall in the Himalayan town of Shimla – Part I Today, Im sharing pictures from January 2013, when Shimla received massive snowfall. These are from the first day when, unfortunately, the winter wind destroyed my most colourful umbrella. My friend, Asheesh Mehta, came to my rescue and accompanied me with his umbrella while I clicked these pictures. Despite receiving stark criticisms andRead more

The mighty Maha Kumbh mela at Allahabad

Three years back, I experienced my first Kumbh Mela on the banks of river Ganga at Haridwar, where I spent most of my time with the Naga Sadhu’s of Juna Akhara. It was fun. My friend also got chased by one of the Naga Sadhu when he tried to take his portrait secretly. Now after three years, I made sure to visit the largest human gathering in the world. The Maha Kumbh Mela at Allahabad. Unlike the regular Kumbh, MahaRead more

Pictures : Celebrating the colourful festival of Holi

Dear friends, Happy Holi! This year, I’ll share few more pictures from Braj Holi, the most colourful version of Holi, that is celebrated in a group of small villages around Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. For those who have no idea about this festival can read everything about it in the story I did for Hindustan Times. You can read it here : Hope you like them. Cheers!  Read more

3623kms in Ladakh on a Farm Tractor

So last year we went on a rather unusual journey. We took a farm tractor 3623 kms across Ladakh through the most dangerous roads, highest passes and random rivers. In the end it also got two of my team members a Limca World Record (not me as I didn’t have a tractors license) after we completed the journey in just fourteen days. Unfortunately, the journey could not be documented properly as I had an accident at Drass were my rightRead more

Rural Central India for two months

I am back to the hills after spending almost two months in central Indian villages with WASH United. The following paragraphs will have a brief info about the yatra and a summary of what is was about. You can always visit the main website for detailed information. Why Central India ? I have always loved traveling in rural areas, but time the this idea was not mine. While I was about to leave for Amritsar to live on their deliciousRead more