A cold winter morning in Shimla

I am sitting here in the Indian Coffee House. The one situated on the mall road of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Its a cold winter morning. Its around 8:30 am I could not sleep the entire night. So here I am on an early morning walk to the Mall Road. Here are some pictures i took on my way. It was only when I was strolling, I realized that I might freeze in a few seconds. I got inside theRead more

When it Snowed in Shimla

30 December 2010 Quila, a new theme cafe in Shimla. Its around 7:30pm. The dim light of two candles lighting us all, as we talk about few ghost stories from around Shimla. Its been a week, and without a fail, we all have been spending our evening here. Its feels like our living room now. We here include, Ankur, Harsh, Aasheesh, Maggot, Aaditya and me. Ankur Khachi or Khachi, as we know him, has a different genre of humor, that isRead more