Environmental Portraits – Young Mountain Climbers

Adventure Hills invited me to experience their new adventure course, that would teach kids the skills to survive at high altitude areas and Himalayan forests. It included a 4 day trek to choordhar peak (highest peak of the middle Himalayas), caving and other techniques for survival. I’ll explain more in a separate travelogue, till then, enjoy the portrait. Cheers!Read more

Personal – Jumping Jacks

It was a beautiful evening when we were strolling in the forests near Shimla. This small hill station is suffering from negative growth and unplanned development. So to find peace we usually travel around Shimla and spend some time with the nature. We were going back home when this shot happened. The sun was about to hide behind the mountains and a filtered orange light from the sun fell on the trees. It was something we had never seen before.Read more