Van Gujjar Tribe of The Himalayas


Van Gujjar, is a wandering tribe of the Himalayas. In the winter season, the Van Gujjars migrate with their herds to the Shiwalik foothills, and in summer, they migrate higher […]

Personal – Jumping Jacks


It was a beautiful evening when we were strolling in the forests near Shimla. This small hill station is suffering from negative growth and unplanned development. So to find peace […]

Video : Road to Kinnaur ( Winter trip to Chitkul )

Way to Chitkul, Kinnaur

So this time I had to see Chitkul (one of my favorite Himalayan village) in winters. So me and my friend packed our bags and left for Chitkul. As I […]

Cover Story – The Braj Holi : Legend in real life

Cover - Hindustan Times Brunch

( This year I couldn’t attend the colorful Holi celebrations at Braj, but when Hindustan Times asked me to write a travelogue about my experience, I could easily retrospect the […]

Braj Holi – The festival of colors


This year again the small villages of Braj Region are getting ready for the big day. Holi, also called the Festival of Colours, is a popular Hindu spring festival observed […]

Gully Cricket in the Himalayas


It all started with a bus ride from Kumarsen, a small village in Shimla district near Narkanda. We had to come back to shimla. We boarded a bus till Narkanda. […]

A cold winter morning in Shimla

I am sitting here in the Indian Coffee House. The one situated on the mall road of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Its a cold winter morning. Its around 8:30 am […]

When it Snowed in Shimla

30 December 2010 Quila, a new theme cafe in Shimla. Its around 7:30pm. The dim light of two candles lighting us all, as we talk about few ghost stories from […]

Winter Sunrise Trek at Shimla

Friends in Silhouette, Tara Devi, Shimla in Silhouette

As the snow melted in the mountain town of Shimla, which was covered in few inches of snow after many years, I, being accompanied by three of my friends went out […]

Himalayan Landscapes

First of all, I would like to thank you for all the love and support in the form of comments, emails and visits on this website. I couldn’t update the […]