Himalayan Roads – Reaching Pangi valley via Kashmir

On 1st November, we started our journey from Shimla to the remotest valley of Himachal – Pangi valley in Chamba district. The shortest road, via Saach pass, that connects Pangi to the rest of the world opens for just a few months and it was already closed. So this was the only road open for the people of Pangi.

We reached Kihar in Chamba at the end of a day full of driving and then started early to reach Killar, the headquarted of Pangi the next day. The road enters Jammu and Kashmir at Bhaderwa in Doda district and passes through the remote and beautiful areas of Kishtawar and Padder.

Have a look!

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45 responses to Himalayan Roads – Reaching Pangi valley via Kashmir

  1. Dr. Arun Chawda says:

    Beautiful and Daring journey. Congrats. Keep the spirit up.

  2. Anamika says:

    I would luv to follow this road soon…Thank u sir for showing this video…

  3. vivek says:

    So glad you filmed this because folks like me can really admire the beauty of the remote Himalayas but would never have the guts to submit our hearts to such heavy thumping ! Really enjoyed your journey ! Keep up the good work, Vivek

  4. Gulshan Sachdev says:

    hats off team…and cheers to the driving skills…!!

  5. Lrao says:

    So beautiful, but that road is not for the weak-hearted! Seeing the video of the drive made me ill, almost! Quite daring….I am sure the experience and the beauty will stay with you forever.

  6. Ramkumar Eswaran says:

    What was the car you were travelling ? I could see it is renault

  7. shailesh upasani says:

    brave heart to drive in such places….

  8. Advitia says:

    when its Himanshu Khagta its gotta be awesomeee..

  9. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Haha! Thanks a lot bhai sahab. Hope you are doing great! Cheers!

  10. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks Shailesh. Being on the road is itself an adventure. 🙂

  11. Himanshu Khagta says:

    You are right. Its a Duster

  12. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks! It sure is not. Any mistake can be fatal here. It is a great experience 🙂

  13. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks Vivek! Thats the whole purpose of Himalayan Roads. But nothing can beat the real experience on being on the road. Hope we inspire you to drive on them one day.

  14. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks Anamika! You definitely should. Wait for the winter.

  15. Shammi Sharma says:

    I always wish to be there… nd unfortunately I always missed dis track … but dis is really ultimate track,after watching this video Now I should plan it soon….. nd good job man .. keep it up …

  16. Chetan rana says:

    Live a life like forget the back chatters thumb up gud

  17. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Nope! Locals drive at night. So they can anticipate the other vehicle and prepare for a pass by looking at their headlights.

  18. Seems like road has been widened since 2009 at many places . Gorgeous Compilation of most amazing and adventurous journey in mystical Pir Panjal .

  19. Masroor says:

    Hi Himanshu
    I saw your video can u share the entire video with all blogs so that I can also plan to take this route
    Though its in my backyard but never took it

    Suggest take Warwan valley route also via Margan Top after Simthan Top

  20. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks Erica!
    You are absolutely right! Thats what I have been told. Only the last patch is left. The work is underway.

  21. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks a lot Ashok!

  22. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks a lot Masroor!
    I sure will. Kashmir is beautiful 🙂

  23. Vipin Bindoria says:

    Lot of folks think of doing this kind of Roadtrip but only a few have the courage and heart to go all the way. You sir, did a hell of a job by completing it. Hats off to you guys!!!
    It was a pleasure watching this Video. **Claps**

  24. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks a lot Vipin!
    There will be a lot more videos from now on. Thanks a lot for the motivation.

  25. Vishal Kashav says:

    Lovely pictures Himanshu, I am in touch with you in FB If you remember, I appreciate your trips and Photography 🙂

  26. Abhijit Rout says:

    You are an awesome photographer Khagta……Am ur great fan…….can I get ur fb URL……???? please………..

  27. Choco Ginger says:

    Amazing (and somehow frightening)! Congrats!!

  28. Himanshu Khagta says:

    It was the most dangerous road I have ever been on. You should try it too.

  29. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Rout. The URL is facebook.com/khagta

  30. Awm says:

    hi, i’m doing the keylong – killar – kishtwar – dalhousie stretch. could use a few tips. any chance of getting in touch with you directly for faster communication?

  31. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Hi bro!
    Thats a great route, but it’ll be best if you consult a travel agent. Unplanned and Unorganised are the words that can describe the way I travel.
    Be safe and consult the right travel agent.


  32. Himanshu Khagta says:

    Thanks a lot John! 🙂

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